Enhanced Security Surveillance

Company A was able to identify abnormal events happening in their factory warehouse using Emotyx'x real time video analytics and take timely actions


Company A is a prominent tyre manufacturer in Indonesia. The company has multiple warehouses across different locations in the country. Occational mishaps of fire, fuel leakages etc caused severe loss to the company. If timely action were taken, severity of the loss could have been reduced.

  • 01The client wanted a software to analyze their warehouses to detect abnormal activities
  • 02Notify the security personnel if any unusual activity are detected.
  • 03Identify security threats


Mishandling of equipments, short circuits, leakages etc causes severe damages to warehouses. Our client was facing the same challenges as explained below.

  • 01

    Unable to take timely actions to prevent damages caused by mishaps such as fire, leakages, pest infestation etc.

  • 02

    Unable to detect unauthorised entry, intusions etc. Unauthorised entry to the warehouse premises causes huge losses to the business

  • 03

    Unable to detect misconduct by employees which leads to accidents and damage to the business properties.

  • 04

    Need more human resources just for security survellience. But the efficiency was not good enough for the business.

  • 05

    Unreliable data, from the warehouse security stats are not favourable for the welness of the business.

In this scenario, the company was exploring the various options it had to enhabce the security of its business premises.


Emotyx's AI-powered video analytics suite delivers actionable insights from real-world video. It offers a digital brain to the CCTV infrastructure of an organization to help them ‘see’ opportunities to optimize their operations or to do more sales. Emotyx uses computer vision technology and a patent pending machine learning algorithm to detect customer traffic, abnormal events, customer emotions, in premise user journey tracking etc from real-time videos.

Benefits offered by Emotyx

  • 01Can be plugged into existing CCTV infrastructure
  • 02The optimally designed solution requires minimal computational power
  • 03Identifies precursor events, allowing for timely intervention
  • 04Learns automatically, with no need to adjust rules
  • 05Scales to suit any size of video surveillance requirements
  • 06Boosts productivity by allowing security personnel to focus on system escalated events, and notifications


Considering the offered benefits, Company A decided to implement Emotyx on their business premises. The software was plugged into the existing CCTV infrastructure of the company without altering the existing surveillance mechanism.

  • 01

    Emotyx's anomaly detection feature enables the company to identify potential threats. The system notifies the concerned officer to take necessary actions to fix the mixhaps.

  • 02

    Emotyx's real time video analytics is able to distinguish between dangerous and normal activities. Occurance of unusual activities will be detected and notified to the security officer. This helps to prevent unauthorised entries, intrusions, misconduct by the employees etc.


Reduced the loss caused by accidents and mishaps by 80%
Improved warehouse keeping. Company is able to take timely decisions to prevent mishaps.
Overall efficiency of the business increased due to decreased employee misconducts and accidental damages.

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