In-store customer affinity tracking

Company A was able to do more sales by traking the affinity of customers towards each products and using that data to strategise product placements and offers.


Company A is a prominent shopping center in Indonesia. The multi-storeyed shopping center uses CCTV infrastructure to observe the in-store customers. However, due to low attention span of humans, the security personals who observes the CCTV visuals quite often misses out to capture the vital information from the visuals.

  • 01The client wanted a software to analyze the behaviour of in-store customers
  • 02Identify which part of the store is having most traffic
  • 03Identify recurrent visitors
  • 04Identify the travel patterns of customers within the store


The company did not have an effective product placement strategy which resulted in stunted sales growth rate. The major challenges faced by the company are as follows.

  • 01

    Unable to identify the customer's affinity towards different sections, racks within the store. This has resulted in inefficient inventory management and under stocking / over stocking of commodities.

  • 02

    The product offers, combination offers etc offered by the business were not effective to bring more sales to the store. Money spent for the promotions were not adding any value to the business.

  • 03

    The existing CCTV infrastructure did not add any value to the business as the visual data was just stored for future reference needs.

In this scenario, the company was exploring the various options it had to analyze the in-store customer behaviours.


Emotyx's AI-powered video analytics suite delivers actionable insights from real-world video. It offers a digital brain to the CCTV infrastructure of an organization to help them ‘see’ opportunities to optimize their operations or to do more sales. Emotyx uses computer vision technology and a patent pending machine learning algorithm to detect customer traffic, abnormal events, customer emotions, in premise user journey tracking etc from real-time videos.

Benefits offered by Emotyx

  • 01Can be plugged into existing CCTV infrastructure
  • 02The optimally designed solution requires minimal computational power
  • 03Identifies precursor events, allowing for timely intervention
  • 04Learns automatically, with no need to adjust rules
  • 05Scales to suit any size of video surveillance requirements
  • 06Boosts productivity by allowing security personnel to focus on system escalated events, and notifications


Considering the offered benefits, Company A decided to implement Emotyx on their business premises. The software was plugged into the existing CCTV infrastructure of the company without altering the existing surveillance mechanism.

  • 01

    Crowd analytics and customer affinity tracking enabled by Emotyx helped the business to identify the customer's affinity towards different sections, racks within the store. This had positive impacts in the inventory management and product placement strategies.

  • 02

    Emotyx’s crowd analytics monitored the movement of the crowd in the premises and displayed data such as the total number of people present, arrived, left, total employees present in the venue, region of high and low traffic, occupancy details of halls, booths etc. Management was able to take data-driven decisions for the arrangements of facilities.

  • 03

    Emotyx facilitated efficient security surveillance for the company. The feeds from the CCTV cameras are analyzed by the Emotyx’s machine learning algorithm to identify security threats and take appropriate actions such as notifying the nearby security guard.


Personalised product offers and combinational offers boosted sales profit by 15%
Customer affinity data provided by Emotyx helps to optimise the inventory management.
Reduced the requirement of man power and the overall efficiency of the business was improved.

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