Easy to get started,
Plug into your existing CCTV infrastructure

No need to alter your existing CCTV infrastructure. Emotyx can be plugged into your existing CCTV infrastructure for on-premise real-time video analysis. Its easy to deploy and you can view results from the day one. Moreover, It can be easily integrated with your existing VMS softwares.

  • 01Can be plugged into IP camera video infrastructure
  • 02Can be plugged into recorded video infrastructure
  • 03Integrates with most VMS softwares
  • 04API services for custom integration with CRMs

Emotyx detects activities and attempts to damage the camera, events and objects blocking its field of view, or altering the camera angle etc. Thus, ensuring the security status of the system itself.

Easily Scalable,
depending on your business needs

From single camera to tens of hundreds of cameras, single camera surveillance to combined-camera surveillance, Emotyx can be easily scaled to meet your business's video analytics requirements.

  • 01On-demand Video Analytics
  • 02Multi-camera Combined Surveillance
  • 03Inter-location customer analytics and tracking

Easy to add new surveillance cameras and track and sync with existing CCTV system.

Emotion analytics to better
understand your customers

Emotyx's emotion analytics analyze your customers' emotions, their satisfaction level based on their on-premise activities. It helps you to facilitate better customer experience, efficient facilities management, enhanced resource management and strategize product placements.

  • 01Tracks Customer Affinity Towards Various Products
  • 02Tracks Most Desired Product Categories
  • 03In-store Heatmaps and Crowd Affinity Tracking

Intelligent insights generated from emotion analytics can be used to push personalized combo offers, product discounts, product recommendations etc.

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