Intelligent facilities management using Emotyx

Company A was able to make their facility management twice efficient and thereby reduced the operational costs by 10% and reduced the number of staffs from 10 to 6.


Company A is a prominent exhibition organizer based in Dubai, having several exhibition venues throughout the country. The company helps other businesses and organizations to host exhibitions, conferences, and other events. By facilitating the required human resources, amenities, travel facilities, seminar halls, exhibition booths etc, the company offers end to end support for conducting exhibitions and other events.

  • 01The client wanted a solution to solve it's inefficiency in facilities management
  • 02Reduce recurrent expenses and losses
  • 03Identify recurrent visitors
  • 04Provide a hassle free experience to the customers


Due to several inefficiencies in handling the operations, company A was losing a major part from its profits for mishandled activities and improper resource allocation. The major factors which resulted in the profit loss are as follows;

  • 01

    Three security guards were dedicated to observing the live video stream from the CCTV cameras to identify security threats, facility requirements etc. However, the guards frequently miss out to identify actionable items.

  • 02

    20 to 30 employees were required to monitor the crowd and facilitate arrangements required by the crowd at different venues within the premises.

  • 03

    Identification of recurrent visitors was not possible. In some scenarios, recurrent visitors caused considerable profit loss to the company. Such as distributing take-away kits etc. Moreover, incentivizing recurrent visitors can help increase the customer retention rate but since the identification of recurrent visitors was not possible, the company could not optimize their operations to make more profit.

  • 04

    Real-time data about the events and exhibitions were not available. Managers have to wait hours to get data such as total participation, facilities requirement etc

  • 05

    Resource management was hard because of the lack of data about the crowd traffic. For example, a washroom has to be cleaned once every 30 people use the washroom. However, the inability to track the usage count, resource management was not efficient.

In this scenario, the company was exploring the various options it had to optimize the internal operational efficiency so as to reduce the profit loss.

Emotyx value proposition
Human Resource Management Solutions
Cannot provide real time insights
Real time video analytics for efficient human resource management
A resource manager still has to manually evaluate and make decisions about how to deploy resources at various touch points
Event Organiser Solution
Cannot manage unanticipated situations like over/under flow of participants
Independent of scheduled because the system can generate real time insights for efficient event management
Cannot accommodate instant change of plan, which happens in most events.
Assign more numbers of skilled concierges to engage with participants, understand their requirements, collect feedback etc
More costly
Single time installation expense Highly scalable Transparent data access based on user permission Error free and automated service
Not scalable
Low data transparency between concierges Prone to human errors
Prone to human errors


Emotyx is an AI-powered video analytics suite that delivers actionable insights from real-world video. It offers a digital brain to the CCTV infrastructure of an organization to help them ‘see’ opportunities to optimize their operations or to do more sales. Emotyx uses computer vision technology and a patent pending machine learning algorithm to detect customer traffic, abnormal events, customer emotions, in premise user journey tracking etc from real-time videos. Emotyx suite can be customised according to specific needs of an organization for real-time tracking of aforesaid events to help the organization to improve their business operations.

Benefits offered by Emotyx

  • 01Can be plugged into existing CCTV infrastructure
  • 02The optimally designed solution requires minimal computational power
  • 03Identifies precursor events, allowing for timely intervention
  • 04Learns automatically, with no need to adjust rules
  • 05Scales to suit any size of video surveillance requirements
  • 06Boosts productivity by allowing security personnel to focus on system escalated events, and notifications


Considering the offered benefits, Company A decided to implement Emotyx on their business premises. The software was plugged into the existing CCTV infrastructure of the company without altering the existing surveillance mechanism.

  • 01

    Emotyx facilitated efficient security surveillance for the company. The feeds from the CCTV cameras are analyzed by the Emotyx’s machine learning algorithm to identify security threats and take appropriate actions such as notifying the nearby security guard.

  • 02

    Emotyx’s crowd analytics monitored the movement of the crowd in the premises and displayed data such as the total number of people present, arrived, left, total employees present in the venue, region of high and low traffic, occupancy details of halls, booths etc. Management was able to take data-driven decisions for the arrangements of facilities.

  • 03

    Emotyx facilitated the identification of recurrent visitors attending the exhibitions. Management was able to reward/block recurrent visitors based on the nature of the exhibitions and potential implications.

  • 04

    Emotyx made resource management very easy for the management team. Management was able to automate many of the orders for various processes.


By reducing the requirement of manpower.
Efficiency in resources and facility management
Operations with real time data analytics

Transformation process

Below is a detailed breakdown of the process followed by Company A


Company A realized that their business operations are not efficient. Many of their business processes resulted in mismanagement of facilities and improper resource allocation. A major part of the company’s profits werelost due to inefficient processes.

Consultation with Accubits AI solutions experts

Company A shared their problem statement with Accubits. An expert team of solution architects and business analysts conducted a study to analyze the problem statements, technical feasibility and proposed a few options using cutting edge technologies to solve these problems. Each option accompanied details such as the cost to implement, estimated benefits, requirements for implementation etc.

Review of potential solutions

Considering different parameters such as ETA for deployment, project requirements from the company etc, Company A opted to integrate Emotyx to their business.

POC development

A proof of concept (POC) was developed using three CCTV cameras and the management team observed the results from the POC. The POC system delivered insights which directly helped to solve selected problems faced by the company.

Solution deployment

Upon successful verification of the POC, a fully fledged solution was developed.

Result Analysis

By the implementation of emotyx, company A was able to reduce the operational costs by 10% and Reduced the number of staffs from 10 to 6

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