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The success of an organization is determined by how that organization understands its customers and employees. The more you know about your customers, the better chances you have of beating your competitors. With Emotyx, you can convert your ‘passive’ CCTV infrastructure into an active business efficiency analyst. Emotyx enables your CCTV to be more intelligent. It will then be able to identify more sales opportunities and make business processes more efficient.

  • 0110x More Sales Opportunities
  • 02Personalized Customer Experience
  • 0310x More Customer Retention
  • 04Efficient Resource Management
  • 05Identifies Unusual Activities
  • 06Efficient Facilities Management

Emotyx ?

Emotyx is a software suite built with computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies to enable real-time video analytics for surveillance, customer tracking and to generate emotion based business insights from analyzing crowds in a facility.


Enable your business to SEE THE UNSEEN

Learn more about the benefits offered by Emotyx to make your business perform 10X better.

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Built using proprietary computer vision and AI algorithms, Emotyx delivers actionable intelligence from any camera source.

Emotion detection to better
understand your customers

Emotyx's emotion analytics analyze your customers' emotions and their satisfaction level based on their on-premise activities. It helps you to facilitate better customer experience.

Automatic Number Plate
Recognition System

From service desk of auto dealerships to traffic intersections, Emotyx's ANPR can help organizations to automate vehicle identification and associated process automation.

Crowd Analytics

Emotyx’s crowd analytics monitors the movement of the crowd in the premises and generates data such as the total number of people present, arrived, left, total employees present in the venue, region of high and low traffic etc.


Case studies on how Emotyx helped businesses to perform 10X better.

Efficient facility management

Adnec - owns and operates the largest exhibition venue in the Middle East, was able to make their facility management twice efficient using emotyx

In Store customer affinity tracking

Company A was able to do more sales using customer affinity tracking enabled by emotyx

Enhanced Security surveillance

Company B was able to identify abnormal events and take action in real time

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